Hey Sis!

Welcome to my world of All Tha Thingz; I am your host and blogger aficionado DiSheen Smith (pronounced Di like Diana and Sheen like oil sheen). While I currently reside on the west coast, originally, I hail from the southside of Chicago. I am the mother of one amazing teenage son, who is the reason why I strive for greatness. When I am not momager, I can be found hanging with friends and family, being the comic relief, and slaying pots in the kitchen.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery, reflection, growth, healing, and fun. While life be lifin, I want to remind not only you but even myself that it is easier to weather the ratchetness it throws at us if we work together as a collective. So you have arrived at the right place because we are definitely in it together. Take off your wig, unhook that bra, and grab your favorite libation because we are about to get to the bag, heal, love, laugh, spill tea, and do All Tha Thingz our hearts desire.

Buckle up! The road might be bumpy but more than worth it!

Love ya!