All Tha Thingz is loading….

Welcome to All Tha Thingz

I really want to yell, “I’m back bitches,” but it’s not as effective for one, you got to read it, and secondly, most of the people reading this don’t know I wasn’t here. Yep! I had abandoned these internet streets. I previously had a blog called Unscripted Motherhood back in 2015. After a year, I shut it down, started it again, and then sheveled it again. As I prepared to bring it back for a third time, it started feeling less and less of a representation of where I was in the journey of life. Three days before I was ready to release my website, this new name came to match my new season, All Tha Thingz.

Unscripted Motherhood was born from a place when motherhood was the center of my life. I really didn’t know who I was, if I am being honest. But at the time, I only knew to identify myself as what I was, not who I was. Sis, did you just get that word? If not, don’t worry.

In the meantime, be prepared to laugh, learn, and commit to having All Tha Thingz because it is soooo possible. On this journey, I plan to show up as me unapologetically and authentically. Personally, I am in a season of growth and reflection, and I really want to share that journey with other women who can benefit from knowing that they are not alone in the fight of life. Here we will discuss the cornerstones of All Tha Thingz, love, wealth, health, joy, laughter, and freedom.

So buckle up, buttercups, because life be lifin, okay!!